2015… and whats ahead

2015… and whats ahead

As we take in and analyze the year that has passed, we are also inclined to ponder about the upcoming year and all that we would like to accomplish and look forward in doing. Ringing in the New Year with a personal resolution is a common goal for many of us. Most of us would like to start the New Year with a fresh outlook of life. Everyone has a different objective, whether it is losing weight, finding our dream job, scheduling more vacations, or even just a simple phone call to a dear friend that we have lost touch with.

Try to set a goal and fully dedicate yourself in accomplishing it. Maintain your focus and keep these tips in mind.

Keep Your Goals Small

Break apart your large vision and separate it into smaller goals that will be used as building blocks aiming at your ultimate goal. It is much easier to walk in smaller steps then to jump over a large hurdle. You will be cruising through these smaller goals setting sail for your ultimate more difficult objective.

Keep Your Goals Realistic

One of the biggest traps people fall into is making unrealistic goals. While having these unattainable goals in some cases may be fine, it is better to understand your own situation before making any promises to yourself.

Keep On Plucking Away!

A hurdle many people will face is the dreaded “February Drop-off”. Gyms and recreation areas see a spike in membership in January, which tapers off slowly through the month, then declines rapidly following the second to the third week in February. What that means to you is that there are ten more months left in the year! If making fitness a goal, you still have a lot of time to get back on track.

Have Fun!

Sometimes stress is enough to set you on edge, there is a simple, free method to reducing stress and anxiety…laughter. Laughter releases hormones that help your body relax, which in turn relieves stress. The best way to stay motivated with you goals is to have fun. Setting goals is a great way to get things done that may have been put off for later. Finding ways to include others in these objectives also makes you more obligated to maintain your pace, depending on your goal. Bringing them to the forefront of your mind and actively pursuing those objectives is all it takes to ensure that your New Year’s Resolution does not end in disappointment.

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