Bad Habit Anyone???

Bad Habits

Ever been completely irritated by witnessing someone biting their nails, cracking their knuckles or clearing their throat? People have experienced or been witnessed to bad habit traits regularly. You and most definitely I have been a witness to some of the top 10 bad habits that have been recorded such as smoking, swearing, nose picking, biting fingernails, procrastinating and drinking too many cups of coffee or tea. More recently using our social networking tools have been added to the top 10 list. A habit is stated to be a routine of behaviour that is repeated regularly and tends to occur unconsciously. Habits that a person develops could be good or bad, but either way habits shape who we are. However, bad habits are sometimes difficult to start and even more difficult to stop. There are some things we can attempt to curb our habits, such as making our actions conscious, replacing it with more positive actions and a continued effort should always be in priority.

Habits arise from consistent repetition. It is a normal part of life that is generally helpful. Because we do not have to think about certain behaviours that have become regular habits in our lives, it gives our brain a break and allow for other, more important, functions for the brain to concentrate on. Think about it, on any regular week day we wake up, go to the bathroom to wash up and continue to get dressed in order to begin our day. It has become an automatic action that we do not even think about it. Our actions that were once conscious have become so regulated that they have become unconscious tasks in our daily routines. We continue to perform or take part in activities that we are no longer fully engaged in them. Therefore, actions such as biting our nails, drinking too many cups of coffee or even consistently checking our many social networking programs can lead us to subconsciously develop bad habits quickly.

So what can we do to control our bad habits and not have it ruin our health or be viewed with repulsion when witnessed in public? Firstly, we can make our actions conscious again instead of shutting our brains off. We need make ourselves more aware of the small things that are happening in our daily lives.

Once a bad habit does develop we cannot instantly eliminate it, but we can start by replacing it. Our bad habits are created because we are either stressed or bored, instead find something to replace our noted bad habits with something positive. Whatever it is, have a plan for what you will do instead of your bad habit.

Also try to visualize yourself succeeding in ultimately eliminating this practice. But be prepared to fail. Failure is sure to creep up on us sometimes. We need to accept that is might be an outcome and to be able to overcome and push ourselves to try again. Let’s not consume ourselves with a failure or two just keep our heads up and positive thinking on track.

Let’s kick bad habits in the butt and start making our daily tasks conscious. Focus on staying positive and next time you witness someone doing something totally repulsive or irritating just remember they are most likely doing it subconsciously and out of habit.


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