Change of Colours

Monday is here again! Having a hard time choosing an outfit to wear? Not this time around! Choose an uplifting colour out of your wardrobe and you will instantly feel your mood change.
Human beings have an innate reaction to colour. For instance, the colour red will most likely increase your heart rate. It is considered a stimulating colour. This goes back to our caveman days of fire and danger and alarm. Nowadays, red has been socially associated with fire trucks and ambulances (in other words, alarm).
On bleak days, it is easier to throw on a pair of jeans or sweats and a sweatshirt on; however, wearing brighter coloured clothing will surely brighten up any unpleasant weather conditions. Feel like changing your frame of mind for the better? Play around with these colours when picking out your clothes.
Red is the colour of stirring up powerful emotions such as fear, anger and passion. However, when lightening it up to a shade of pink, it expressed sweet and innocence, and on the other side of the spectrum of red, by darkening the colour into a burgundy, it expresses sophistication.
Need to relax? Slip into something blue. It has been known that psychologically, blue is the opposite of red – it helps lowers blood pressure. If you look to nature, like the sky and the ocean, blue conveys calm and harmony. That is also what you project when wearing the colour.
Also, wearing a blue hue is beneficial when going for a job interview. The colour blue has been correlated with characteristics such as trustworthiness, strength and dependability.
The colour green is closely associated to the environment, which can put anyone in a relaxed or refreshed mood. Green tends to look good on every skin type and with a wide range of shades allows you to modify your mood from serious and sophisticated to fresh and bright.
Ever feel cheerful and joyous when wearing the colour yellow? Well, yellow does carry a positive association with a happy and bright mood. Wearing yellow creates a very open atmosphere with people.

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