Group Medical Appointments May Change Health Care


Finally in this week’s news, a look at what a group of North Carolina physicians and health care professionals are doing to change how health care appointments are scheduled. The concept is not that new.

Group Medical Therapy

The pioneer behind this movement, Edward Noffsinger, first developed the idea in the mid-1990′s when he became frustrated with the long waits for short office visits with specialists. As a former employee of Kaiser Permanente, Noffsinger approached them with the concept of group medical appointments, similar to group therapy sessions used in psychological treatments. Physicians could see more patients for longer appointments and the patients themselves provide additional support and information for the others in the group.

This is a perfect solution for maintenance of chronic conditions like diabetes and arthritis as well as pediatric and maternity wellness visits. I see opportunities here for all kinds of health care programs. Group therapy isn’t just for psychotherapy anymore.


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