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Whether you work in a restaurant, a hotel, attend cooking school, or even fancy yourself a five star chef in your very own kitchen, it’s important to take precautions to assure you’re safe while working with heat and flames. It is important that you are using chef wear specifically designed to work hard at protecting you, so that any major or minor accident can be averted and keep you safe.

A quality chef uniform is designed to:

  • Protect the body against injuries from accidents.
  • Absorb perspiration while working in a hot kitchen.
  • Be lightweight and comfortable while working in a hot and steamy environment.
  • Look smart and professional, be easily washed and ironed and hygienically clean.
  • Fit the body by not being too big or too small and tight


The classic chef coat is a protective layer of clothing designed to be used by chefs while they are performing their general kitchen duties. This coat can often be worn out into the front of house or throughout the restaurant. Chef coats should be easy to clean and dry and can be used for a long time without the need of replacement. Because they are resistant to heat and water they provide effective protection under many intense and harsh situations. Since they don’t catch fire easily, their use inside a kitchen is completely safe and recommended by most industry professionals. The clean uniform look of having your entire kitchen in matching attire is definitely appealing.

The chef pants available these days range from a clean and classic dress pant style to loose and baggy comfort fit. Lots of bright prints and funky designs are out there and chef pants can be easily available in a size that would fit anyone’s comfort zone. One of the features chefs look for most of all is a pant that deters stains, and cleans easily, allowing for a long kitchen life. And just like a chef coat, chef pants should provide enough protection to your body in the worst circumstances.

Wearing the wrong footwear in the kitchen can lead to accidents or to medical problems with feet later in life. Shoes worn in the kitchen should be sturdy while providing support and protecting the feet. Think of how many hours a day, a week, a month you spend on your feet. Buying shoes with a protective toe are ideal because they do not absorb water or fat and have a slip resistant sole.

Sandshoes, sneakers, sandals, or thongs are not safe in a kitchen and should not be worn at all. Like the rest of your uniform, good shoes should be easy to clean.

MOBB Medical is an industry leader when it comes to professional uniforms. They maintain a stellar reputation with doctors, nurses, and other industry professionals. MOBB knows that no matter what environment you work in, your attire is important. MOBB Chefwear uniforms provide safety, comfort and style. MOBB Chefwear is exciting because it offers a number of different styles to suit everyone’s needs. Mandarin necklines, zip front closures, detailed piping. They’ve got something for everyone. In addition to the standard chef coats, pants and aprons, MOBB offers an accompanying line of accessories, chef hats, front of house and bartender vests. Their classic and stylish chef coats and pants can be found in restaurants all over Canada. MOBB Medical knows stylish culinary apparel. Pick up a classic kitchen uniform today. Stop by your local uniform retailer and ask for MOBB Chefwear or give MOBB Medical a call to find a retailer near you. Toll free at 1-866-238-7190

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