The Latest Fashions in Lab Coats

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Lab coats may not be an item that comes quickest to mind when you think “hot fashion”, but you may be surprised to learn that today’s physicians, biologists, lab technicians and other health care personnel have a wide variety of lab coat styles from which to choose.

The lab coat is a familiar site in the healthcare industry. The usually cotton or polyester-blend, white, knee-length overcoat with long sleeves protects street clothes and serves as a simple, recognizable medical uniform. Physicians have worn lab coats, with sleeve buttons or without, since the early 19th century, when they sought a way to differentiate themselves as scientists, in contrast to medical quackery practitioners of the day. Interestingly, black coats were worn by early students of biomedical and microbiology laboratories until the mid-1920s, because black more readily showed any contaminants, like dust from cadaver examinations.

Why Lab Coats Are Worn Today

Personal protective equipment is serious business. And nowhere is concern for personal protection higher than in the healthcare industry. Lab coats protect patients and practitioners from chemical, pathogens and other harmful elements often in plentiful supply in the healthcare environment. Among lab technicians and biologists, lab coats are a first line of defense when working with hazardous materials. While not in direct contact with patients, these individuals must protect their clothing and skin. If a spill or splatter should occur, the lab coat can be quickly removed for safety.

General safety rules also dictate when a lab coat should not be worn: in public places outside the healthcare setting, at home, or thrown into the laundry with street clothes. Why? Because hazardous materials and contaminates may be transferred from the lab coat, spreading germs and disease.

Lab Coat Fashions Make Their Mark

Today’s fashionable lab coats are generally unisex; that is to say, lab coat styles are suitable for both men and women. A typical full length lab coat is styled with two patch pockets, access slits, one chest pocket and a snap front closure for the wearer’s comfort. The half-length lab coat includes a standard button front closure, two large front patch pockets and one chest pocket. Other popular styles include the warm-up jacket, with round neck, two patch pockets and snap closure, or a warm-up jacket in fleece, with zipper closure, in flattering men’s and women’s styles. Black and white are available in many styles, along with sizes from small to a variety of extra-large sizes to suit every body type and ensure your greatest comfort throughout your busy, active day.

If you are in the market for a little fashion in medical wear, purchase your lab coat from a reliable medical wear company online. You’ll find terrific creations to brighten your day and a full selection to add style and choice to your wardrobe.

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