Medical Caps

by Mobb Medical

capsNo doubt you’ve observed medical personnel wearing special clothing commonly called “scrubs”. The name stems from the phrase “scrubbing in”, or the process of preparing to perform surgery. Scrubs, along with scrub caps, are simply designed, easily laundered, cheap to replace and offer minimal areas for dirt to hide. In today’s modern medical facilities, surgeons and surgical staff are no longer the only medical personnel wearing scrubs and scrub caps. Almost all hospital or medical facility personnel wear them. This expansion in wearers has led to an expansion in the medical wear industry, leading to new scrub designs, colors, and styles that offer a wide variety of medical wear choices.

Medical caps, once purely functional, have graduated to become a personalized accessory for surgeons and others. Prior to 1900, doctors wore dark robes reflecting the sober matters of life and death. Early surgeons of this time wore street clothes covered by a “butcher’s apron” which accumulated blood and other bodily fluids and easily transferred infectious materials among patients. At this time, antiseptic conditions were not well understood, and scrub caps were not considered an essential surgical garment. Moving forward in time, the white coat became popular in medical settings, because it denoted professionalism and cleanliness. As the 1950s approached, however, the medical profession began to focus on hygiene to reduce or eliminate patient contamination, and scrub caps became standard wear. Surgeons with beards even wore a type of full-face covering. The first “scrubs” were gowns for the surgeons and surgical drapes used to cover the patients. Originally white, a more neutral green shade became the color of choice and remains the most popular hue for surgical scrubs in our modern age.

With the turn of the 21st century, the white lab coat became the norm for doctors, worn over regular clothing. However, in the modern hospital setting, particularly the surgical setting, scrub caps have taken on a personal flavor, especially among women, who enjoy the many colors and styles as a means of adding interest and fun to what would otherwise be a rather dull work wardrobe.

Today, scrub caps, also called surgical caps, are widely worn and available in many styles and colors for both men and women. From plain colors to pinstripes and plaid, scrub caps are well-designed, stylish and durable, made from ultra-modern fabrics or disposable materials to suit every medical setting, and individual tastes. One hundred percent cotton is one of the most popular fabric choices for scrubs and scrub caps. However, blended fabrics, which are wrinkle- and stain-resistant and wick away sweat, are also a popular choice. When stretchy components, like elastic, are incorporated, the wearer enjoys unrestricted mobility. Throughout a busy day of patient care, such flexibility is truly advantageous.

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