Meet the MOBB…..Steve

Name: Steve Holcman

Me (on Rt) in Saudi Arabia w/our distributor

Me (on rt) in Saudi Arabia w/our distributor

Job: Sales and Marketing Manager aka on the road a lot

How long have you been with MOBB? Been with MOBB for over 10 years

How did you come to work for MOBB? I met Mr. Bodman at a trade show in Victoria, BC. I was a rep for a different company at the time. We hit it off so Mr. Bodman asked that since I was on the road already maybe I could try to sell his uniforms too, and the rest is history.

What do you love most about the job? I love meeting with the different retailers, I like being out there. I am not the type of person that likes to sit in an office day in and day out so this is perfect for me.

Did you always like to travel? I have always liked to travel. I like to go to all the Provinces, each one has its own something special to offer. It is getting a bit tough now with a family but I still love it and always will.


On the Road again..

Do you have any input in the design of the new products? I do have some input into the products. I am the one out there with all the retailers, I see what they like, what they want, what will sell, they also tell me what they are looking for, so I pass that information along which then gets incorporated into the new designs. Because I am on the front lines I see what people want.

What is your favourite product? The new Mentality scrub line. Why? It is more fashion forward. It is more fitted, shows off curves, what’s not to like about that!

All the colours of the rainbow!

All the colours of the rainbow!

What’s your favourite colour? Black, makes my figure look great!

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