Hey Mobbsters! Are you stuck in a boring routine? Do you want to mix things up?! As always, Mobb has your back!


We have 4 new nature-inspired patterned scrub tops available for all you lovely Mobbsters to shake up your day to day with something a little more interesting than usual!



DÉJÀ VU – Feeling a little edgy? This top is an abstract, almost floral design without being overly feminine for all you folks out there who feel most comfortable somewhere in the middle. It’s black with white, scratchy looking detailing.


Zen StemZEN STEM – For the moments in your life when you need a moment of peace without feeling boring. This nice light grey pattern has black and white accents to remind you of all the joys of nature! The accents look like little tree branches covered in spring buds so you can always find an escape when things get hectic – and we know they do!


STONE MEDLEY – Imagine yourself walking on the beach: hear the waves, smell the salt, feel the breeze. Now picture the gorgeous mosaic of pebbles as you walk along watching the sunset. Now you can take the beach to work with you to hold on to that feeling! This fashionable top is a black base with grey pebbles for all the beauty of the beach with none of the weight of the rocks! (Or the expense of a vacation! 😉 )


Wild Berry WIWILD BERRY – Saving the best for last, wild berry is my personal favourite of our new patterns! Also the most colourful of the four. With a rich deep orchid background, it has black detailing it an adorable little leaf-and-berry design to make your day a little juicier! The simple shapes and two-tone colouring, this pattern is interesting and easy on the eyes. A soon-to-be classic!


All these patterns are available in our new 100% pre-shrunk cotton! Based on the feedback of our always-important Mobbsters, the general consensus we got was that our loyal customers wanted a softer material for the prints so we gladly responded by switching to cotton. All our cotton tops are pre-shrunk too so you never have to worry about the perfect fit being compromised!


These prints are available in the scrub top style C324T and 523T.

C324T Deja vu




The C324T (left) is the same style and size as our original 324T, the only difference is the 100% cotton. Solid colours (right) are still available in the classic poly-cotton 324T style!



523T Zen Stem323t-SG_navy


The 523T (left) is a brand new style. It’s very similar to our 323T style (right) however it’s 1 inch longer than its first generation so it will be perfectly comfortable for those Mobbsters out there who prefer more length in their tops.



These styles and patterns are featured in our new 2016-2017 Mobb Catalogues! Please see our website or contact us for more information.

NOTE: All patterns previously available in poly-cotton are being discontinued, there is limited availability for the remaining stock so make sure you get them before they’re gone forever!






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