What Nurses Wear to Work in 2013

by Mobb Medical

306Today’s dedicated and busy nurses can enjoy multiple choices when choosing how to dress for the patient care setting. From cotton and solid fabrics to seersucker, corduroy and chambray, scrub tops, scrub pants, and warm-up jackets are available in a wide variety of colors, patterns and styles.

What’s behind the medical nurses wear explosion? A desire for variety, comfort and, perhaps, even a little fun.

A Brief History of Nursing Scrubs

Nursing scrubs, the medical wear worn by surgical and other patient care nurses, are designed to promote cleanliness, maintain a hygienic environment, be comfortable and durable, and differentiate patient care staff at varying levels from patients or the general public.

Traditionally, nursing scrubs were white. But against the all-white interior of the surgical theatre, white uniforms produced eye strain, so “surgical green” was adopted for greater contrast. Today, there is almost no end to the colors, patterns, and styles of nursing scrubs. While many patient care environments dictate acceptable medical wear colors and styles, nurses today have far more freedom to add cheerful prints and a sense of personal style that can improve patient tension levels, boost morale, and enhance a sense of control over one’s workday uniform.

Before You Buy Medical Wear: What is Allowed?

Does your workplace impose uniform requirements? If so, it is wise to check on what is, and what is not, allowed before you purchase medical wear. Your department may be assigned to wear a specifically designated color – for example, surgical staff may wear green, while Labor & Delivery is permitted to wear yellow or tiny prints. Your nursing level may also impose medical wear restrictions to differentiate among licensing levels. Among some employers with strict uniform policies, your choices may be limited to one or two specific what styles of medical wear.

If the choice is yours, you are about to have some fun! Visit a medical uniform supplier online to begin your search for the styles, colors and patterns that most appeal to you. Prints or solids? Floral or geometric? Animal prints or kiddie characters? You’ll never run out of choices to liven up your wardrobe and add a dash of personal style to your day, whether your tastes are flashy or conservative.

And by the way…if conservative is more your style, your choices are still varied. Solid color scrub tops are available with chest pocket or without, in mock wrap or tunic styles, with scoop necks or v-necks, and with or without contrasting trim, not to mention the many vivid and pastel color options.

Ready to Buy Medical Wear?

Medical apparel stores online make it easy to select and purchase nurse scrubs in a rainbow of design patterns and colors. Add a custom monogram or logo and be sure to check out any discounts or online promotions that can help you save money on your purchase of medical wear.

Whatever your style, your mood, or the rules of your workplace, nurse can find the right medical wear with some quick online research, a little fashion sense and a bit of personal flair, retaining a professional look while also feeling great about caring for patients.

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