The Past, Present and Future of Nursing Fashion

When you think about nurses do you think about fashion? Have you ever considered the impact nurses have had on the diversity of women’s fashion throughout the years?

Florence Nightingale (1860) was the founder of modern nursing and created an unforgettable uniform that is still recognizable to this day. It consisted of a gray tweed dress, a gray worsted jacket, a plain white cap, and a short woolen cloak. This type of uniform was worn in order to properly identify nurses, and to provide a full-length, “fever-proof” shield to protect nurses from infection.

The Red Cross nurses from World War I wore a veil clearly marked by a red cross and it is said that these were the first outfits to be introduced with a raised hemline. Ohh la la.

After World War II nurse uniforms became far less bulky which had to be a huge improvement for the comfort and ease of movement for nurses who worked really long hours.

During the ‘70s and ’80s, we saw a major cultural shift in nursing. Gender neutral, unisex, top and bottom scrub sets started to replace the impractical dresses. Now we see nurses and doctors hurrying down hospital hallways, differentiated only by their accessories and name tags.

It’s true that uniforms were designed to serve a purpose but as we evolve and technology advances we are able to create new uniforms that allow nurses to embody a more individualistic look while still conforming to workplace standards.

Consider the impact your uniform has on a terminally ill patient. Perhaps, to some, neon pink scrub tops may seem too bright and distracting but to those who are lying in a bed suffering, a small burst of color could be just the distraction they need to brighten their day and put a smile on their face. Children may not find the hospital such a scary place when their nurse walks in wearing a funny cartoon character on their scrub top, and bringing a smile to a sick child’s face is all the reward you need to wear that “silly” scrub top.

We’ve seen quite an evolution of nursing uniforms over the years. These days, uniforms are much more than just a necessity and the selection of uniform styles and colors are endless and there is truly the perfect uniform for everyone.

Nobody knows medical uniforms better than MOBB Medical. From tradition to innovation, MOBB is the industry leader when it comes to professional medical uniforms. With a huge focus on designing and manufacturing intelligent medical uniforms using soft fabrics that are washable and reusable, MOBB is the future of nursing apparel. MOBB Scrubs combine the perfect amount of strength, comfort and flair with everything they design. They know you want a uniform wardrobe as diverse as your closet. With bright colors and fun, funky prints you are free to express yourself everyday no matter how you feel or what type of environment you work in, and you’ll never be bored with your scrubs again.

This fall MOBB is introducing a brand new line of uniforms. Mentality by MOBB is designed to provide the perfect combination of fashion and function with the most amazing fit. Their new uniforms are made with a “Hy-Stretch” blend of fabrics that look and feel so good, they are sure to keep you comfortable and looking good all shift long.

Mentality by MOBB is available now in select retailers across North America.

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