Protection at a professional level

Did you know that some of the very first clothing every to be treated with a flame retardant was children’s pajamas? Today, flame retardant clothing protects everyone from members of law enforcement and emergency response, to fire fighters and the military, keeping them safe from a number of hazardous situations.

Flame Retardant clothing’s main function needs to be keeping the wearer safe especially against sudden, intense heat, but sometimes heavy worksuits and parkas and bulky coveralls pose a larger issue when their capacity to work is being affected by their clothing being too cumbersome. Work environments insist that in addition to protection, FR clothing be designed to keep employees focused and functional at the task at hand. When working in hot, steamy conditions the ability to stay cool and comfortable is essential. Wearing FR fabrics means the wearer will inevitably be exerting themselves. Maneuverability makes all that exerting far easier and much less strenuous and that extra energy and movement makes reacting to dangerous situations a lot easier too. The products available today, that are deemed the best on the market are made using not only advanced fabrics but also intelligent design to keep workers as safe and as comfortable as possible in the various hazardous environments their job subjects them to.

There are a few important differences between fire retardant and fire resistant clothing.

Fire Retardant clothing is made from a chemically treatment fabric, incorporated into a textile fiber or applied to the finished fabric; this method reduces or inhibits the garment from igniting in the presence of flame, or other hot materials. The advantage of fabrics given fire retardant finishes is that the fibers used are generally more comfortable to wear given their higher moisture absorption. Limitations may include a lowered abrasion resistance as well as tearing strength. Additionally, the chemical protection wears off during the garment’s cleaning process.

Flame Resistant clothing is made from fabric that uses manufactured fibers whose generic material makes them naturally flame resistant without requiring a chemical treatment. Flame resistant fibers are advantageous because that flame resistance is not altered by cleaning or laundering and the fibers are generally very strong as well as being abrasion resistant. Many of these fabrics have low moisture absorption, so they can potentially be less comfortable in a hot environment and the material has a greater tendency to build up static electricity.

Neither type of garment is “fireproof.” Meaning, both types are designed to provide the wearer with more time to remove him or herself from the burning hazard.

MOBB Medical is known throughout the industry for their commitment to quality and safety when it comes to the manufacturing of their workwear. All of their fire retardant clothing is made to provide the ultimate protection using the best quality, government regulated material like Westex Indura® and Dupont Nomex® fabrics. MOBB makes tough workwear to keep you protected. They make heavy duty parkas and quilt lined worksuits with reflective tape as well as offering a collection of lighter weight coveralls, all with the added protection of being fire retardant

MOBB Workwear is available in select retailers across North America. You can view everything they have available on their website. And If you would like more information about MOBB Workwear, or any other MOBB Medical Professional Uniforms including where to buy, they can be reached toll free at 1-866-238-7190 or by email at Don’t forget to “Like” them on Facebook  and follow them on Pinterest 

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