Scrubby Halloween Costumes

zombie_nurse3    Halloween is around the corner! Do you have some spare scrubs? Here are a few creative ideas that you can create with your unwanted scrubs.

Old scrubs transition into great pirate costumes.
• Materials needed: black or brown scrubs, white t-shirt, bandana, eye patch and boots
• How to create the look: Grab an old pair of dark colored scrubs. First, cut off the    sleeves of your scrub top. Then, you need to cut the front of the shirt in half in order to make a vest. A plain white or striped shirt would be great underneath the vest. Tuck your matching pants into the tops of your boots. To complete the look, tie a bandana around your head and purchase a cheap eye patch.

Do you already own a pair of red scrubs then perhaps a ladybug for Halloween will do the trick.
• Materials needed: red scrubs, fabric glue and black felt
• How to create the look: You can purchase sheets of black felt and fabric glue from any superstore. Grab a few circular objects in different sizes when you are ready to start making your costume. Cups and candles work great for this. Put the base of the object on the felt and trace around the circle. Once you cut out the circles, all you need to do is glue them onto your scrubs. The best part about this costume is that you can’t mess it up!

Flo from Progressive
Flo is quite the character, and she’d be easy to mimic for Halloween.
• Materials needed: white scrubs, blue ribbon, blue fabric paint and two stickers
• How to create the look: You’ll want to purchase a small bottle of blue fabric paint to write “Progressive” across the front of your scrub top. You can also use two white stickers to create a “Flo” name tag and an “I love insurance” button. To top off the outfit, tie a blue ribbon in your hair as a headband.

You always see undead doctor and nurses in zombie movies because those in the medical profession are most likely to come into contact with infected individuals. Any coloured scrubs will do for this costume.
• Materials needed: Old pair of scrubs and purchase Halloween make up for the zombie   look
• How to create the look: Tear a few rips into an old pair of scrubs and use the makeup to create an undead look with pale, greenish skin and various cuts, scrapes and wounds. Add fake blood with the makeup to your mouth and the front of the scrubs to make it look like you were just feasting on an unsuspecting victim.

Salt and Pepper
The set of shakers for a couple or kids that want to Trick-or-Treat together is a great idea with little prep time.
• Materials needed: A set of black and white scrubs. As well as black and white     construction paper
• How to create the look: Create two hats out of construction paper (one in white and one in black) and place large dots on the top of them (where the salt and pepper would pour out of). Make a few circles of construction paper creating a large “S” and a “P”, or cut out a large “S” and “P”, and place them on the appropriate scrub colour. Shake those hips and enjoy the party.

kid doctorPink Panther
Pink scrubs and a few creative accessories and a Pink Panther is on the loose.
• Materials needed: Pink scrubs, pink panther mask, pink felt and stuffing
• How to create the look: Create a long pink tail using the pink felt and stuffing. Construct a light pink oval out of light pink felt and pin this to the front of your pink scrubs. Pin the tail to your hind side of the scrubs and don’t forget your pink panther mask to finish the look.

Perhaps your little one is aspiring to becoming a doctor or nurse, let them get started in our youth size scrub set along with fun accessories to match by visiting us at
Happy Trick or Treating!!

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